Sadek Majed Sketch


Sadek Majed

About The Designer


Sadek Majed, a Lebanese designer who is famous for his exquisite taste and high attention to details, has made his mark in the fashion world from a young age paving his way to the top. In 2011, Sadek graduated from ESMOD and have created a conceptual design made out of coffee and chocolate, which has earned him a diploma from France. In 2014, he started his own workshop which boosted his name in the fashion world.

His mother-daughter delicate matching lines were distinguishing him in the industry, and a dream come true for many women. His masterpiece evening dresses have added elegance and femininity to his distinctive collection, which were carefully made using very light embroidery. Sadek excelled in women’s collections but he also created men’s collection that was very successful and served by a number of celebrities. He paved the way for a new trend in the fashion industry with his Valentine’s collection “Love Sadek” and crowned his success with the dreamy night collection, the collection that resonated globally.

“I like to take the success road step by step, so when I reach the top I get there steady, easy success doesn’t last”